Father Donavich

Long-suffering priest, father of an escaped vampire


Old and haggard, Father Donavich has clearly carried a great burden for some time. His eyes are equal parts tired and frantic, and deep lines have carved themselves into his face. His hair, once a mixture of black and gray, is now shock white. He shakes and mumbles.


Father Donavich ran the Church of All Faiths for many years. His faith made him a target of Strahd’s cruelty. His greatest torment came when Strahd turned his teenage son, Doru, into a vampire spawn. Desperate and afraid, Donavich kept Doru locked in the basement beneath the church for several years.
Donavich experienced great relief when Strahd was slain, but it was short-lived. Strahd’s demise did not cure Doru, but instead only freed him from Strahd’s control. This left him with little but cruelty and madness to rival Strahd’s own. Donavich has been a mess since Doru fled into the Svalich Woods.

Father Donavich

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