Cordelia Black

One of Sir Vincent's paramours, the mayor's daughter.


Cordelia is a young woman in her early twenties, with long dark hair and a pale complexion. She prefers to wear formal gowns, dark colors, and a great deal of make-up


Cordelia is the mayor’s daughter. She has lived in the mayoral mansion since Mayor Black took office five years ago. Large and dilapidated, the building previously housed the town’s burgomaster under Strahd.

She became enamored of Sir Vincent Montgomery shortly after his arrival in Barovia. She has always had an interest in the supernatural, once even complaining to her father about Strahd’s death—she aspired to be one of his vampire brides. This romanticism about dark forces has piqued her interest in the arrival of Sir Vincent’s compatriots for the funeral, as several of them seem to wield impressive power.

Cordelia Black

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