Bethany Innsmot

She runs the Blood on the Vine Taven and Inn


Bethany is in her late teens. She has red hair, green eyes, and a ton of freckles. She wears Sir Vincent’s holy symbol of the Raven Queen on a necklace. She frequently wears an apron due to her duties at the tavern, but all the rest of her clothes are covered in spills and stains despite its protection.


Bethany was stolen away from her home by the mists of Ravenloft. Finding herself in Barovia, she made a deal with the owner of the Blood on the Vine tavern and inn. She would run the establishment day-to-day, and in exchange she would be allowed to live there.
When Sir Vincent arrived, she fell for him almost instantly. She saw him as a protector, and protection is what she wants more than anything else.

Bethany Innsmot

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