Sir Vincent Montgomery is dead.

The world-renowned hunter of monsters met his end in the valley of Barovia, a once-cursed land now free of its vampiric ruler.

So says the mysterious letter our heroes received. Penned by Cordelia Black, Montgomery’s love, this letter invited our heroes to attend his funeral in Barovia, as his will left something to each of them.

This strange inheritance comes with an ever-deepening mystery, leading our heroes not only to question the circumstances of their friend’s death—but that of the vampire Strahd as well.

Strange Inheritance is a 5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the Ravenloft setting. We are using the setting as presented in the “Curse of Strahd” supplement, though modified and expanded, five years after Strahd was supposedly slain and Barovia freed from its isolating mists.

Strange Inheritance

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