Senna von Braidenbach

"All knowledge is worth having..."


Senna von Braidenbach hails from Bergovitsa in Nova Vaasa. She first met Sir Vincent Montgomery when she was a child, working in the local library as part of a work-study program with the Braidenbach Home For Children (i.e., free child labor). Some five years later, he first introduced her to Raimon Frost, the gentleman who would eventually induct her into the worship of the Great Old Ones.

After molding (and warping) her young mind to crave knowledge like a drug, Raimon gave her a moonstone necklace to serve as her arcane focus, as well as a thick, leather-bound tome to hold the spells she would find in her travels. Then Raimon abruptly disappeared from Senna’s life, leaving behind a hunger for knowledge and power that consumes her every waking moment.

Senna von Braidenbach

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