Sasha Peruggia

Not the world's wisest thief


Sasha comes from Bergovitsa. Her parents were decently well-off, but Sasha herself led a shadow life in the slums of the city, learning thievery from urchins and those who exploited them. She developed a reputation for bravery, and carelessness, as she tends to overestimate her own talents and take chances that result in unforeseen consequences. She has very little respect for ownership or property: unless she is shown that a person will guard his/her possessions or retaliate if they disappear, they’re fair game as far as she’s concerned. As an Arcane Trickster, she has had some magical training under the tutelage of her father, but she covertly turned that education to serve her thievery instead of a more honest profession.

Relationship to Sir Vincent Montgomery, the monster hunter: Sasha helped Sir Vincent outfit his most recent trip. He required some rare magical and alchemical elements for one of his hunts, and Sasha acquired them by casing and breaking into the local magic-users’ guild. She was not … entirely discreet …. about it, but managed to get away clean, deliver the goods, and collect her fee.

Sasha Peruggia

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