Mayor Cyrus Black

The severe and desperate mayor of Barovia


Cyrus is in his mid-forties, with severe features and thick black hair. He has a fairly sizeable mustache.


Cyrus took over as mayor shortly after Strahd’s death, when the town’s previous burgomaster fled once the mists parted and the old roads reopened.
He knows that Strahd was not the only threat to the village, and so he has been working to build a militia of capable men and women to defend the town. He petitioned Sir Vincent Montgomery to train them, but was rebuffed.
His wife died in childbirth, and he has long doubted his abilities as a father. He takes Cordelia’s interest in the supernatural as evidence of his failure. He enjoys wine to excess, and he keeps an exquisite collection in the basement of the mayoral mansion.

Mayor Cyrus Black

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