Strange Inheritance

Session 5: Rest in Peace


We open with what everyone hopes will be Sir Vincent’s last funeral. A more simple affair, burial and a short prayer by father Andrei. Laying Sir Vincent’s bones to rest imbues Barovia’s cemetery with a boon of the Raven Queen, consecrating it as holy ground.

Following this, our heroes meet with mayor Cyrus. He is grateful, and now more adamant than ever that the town needs a capable militia. Ulrich and the others offer their services in training such a militia, as well as protecting the town as best they can. In exchange, Cyrus grants them lodging at some of the abandoned houses in town.

As they begin to unwind and discuss their plans to pursue Strahd’s missing parts, a cry rings out from near the church. They rush over to find it has been vandalized, and addled old Father Donavich is crying for help. He tells them his son, Doru, has returned, and that he managed to corner him in the basement. The church has its many altars defaced, bloody handprints line the walls, and messages like “There are no gods here” appear written in blood.

The party creeps down into the basement where Doru was trapped as a vampire for many years. As they make their way to landing of the stone staircase, the door slams behind them. They hear the heavy iron bar slide into place from the other place and curse the seeming treachery of Donavich.

Exploring the basement, they find evidence of Doru’s long containment, as well as evidence of a more recent visit—Sister Agnieszka, who has been turned! She attacks, and as they fight, the spirits of townsfolk who had been “fed” to Doru during his captivity emerged and joined the fray.

The party managed to end Agnieszka’s torment, and as they stood victorious, they mounted the stairs to reckon with Donavich. Alston spies a crack in the door and magically misty-steps through it, unbarring from the other side. They find Donavich, who claims the door did that itself—quite possible, given the spectral influence down below. Nonetheless, they now realize the extent of his crimes. He kept his vampirized son locked down in the basement for years, and he sent many unsuspecting villagers to their deaths. Father Andrei rebukes him and turns him over to the mayor for judgment.

Andrei reconsecrates the Church of All Faiths in the name of the Raven Queen, which the town is generally pretty happy about, given her opposition to the undead.

With Agnieszka dead, the town’s many orphans at the Braeburn Orphanage are without an adult to guide them. Sasha and Senna check in, both to shepherd them toward Bethany at the inn, as well as to obtain intel on what happened at the church. They learn that Doru has formed a nascent cult, the “Children of the Night,” who worship Strahd’s legacy through Doru. Doru apparently has one of Strahd’s hands. Senna takes particular notice of Liszet, who says she knows the boy who Doru trusts most, Nikolai from the neighboring town of Vallaki.

The party sets their sights on Vallaki. But first, they need a good night’s sleep.



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