Strange Inheritance

Session 3: An Old Friend Returns


We open from Ulrich’s perspective on the end of last session, where he chased a mysterious red wolf into the forest, though he was the only one who could see it.

The wolf, to Ulrich’s eyes, was the biggest of the pack, and its fur was matted red with blood and open wounds. It lunged and he dodged, he lunged and it dodged. Back and forth until they had left the clearing. Suddenly, a cry for help rang out—the voice of Ulrich’s old shipmate Guppy. Ulrich and the wolf both sprinted in that direction, led by the sound, and then increasingly by a trail of blood and tattered red cloth. The wolf outpaced him, and eventually the trail led only to the forest’s edge, where he saw his friends heading back to town. The blood and cloth behind him had vanished.

They reconvene in the inn to review and discuss what they found. Olivia enters with a bundle of wood for stakes, and all the silver she could scrounge up around town. She says she’ll haveher father melt it down to silver some weapons. The group realizes that between Tsora’s dream and Sir Vincent’s journal, he almost certainly died by poisoning, and they believe Bethany may have had a hand in it.

They dispatch Sasha, aided by Alston’s magic and the group’s distraction, to snoop in Bethany’s private room in the inn. There, she discovered nothing incriminating, but instead a suicide note!

This revelation came shortly before Andrei heard a groaning outside. Swiftly, the tavern door burst open, revealing the zombified corpse of Mori Chéffeur! Soon the groans of the other zombies became clear to the group, as they squared off against waves of zombies trying to enter the tavern.

Overall, the battle went in our heroes’ favor, but as they wrapped up the last of the undead, Bethany gasped and opened a window in the back of the tavern. Instantly a whip flicked through the window and wrapped around her neck. At the other end, none other than Sir Vincent Montgomery—reanimated by some dark magic, with a hunched back and glowing green eyes. Tsora leapt through the window and saved Bethany, using her Vistani magic to bind Sir Vincent in place. At this, a hooded figure emerged as if from the ether and cast a hypnotic spell that broke Tsora’s concentration. The hooded figure and the wight fled into the forest.

As our heroes collected themselves, they turned to Bethany for answers. She immediately confessed that she killed Sir Vincent. She had been given an aphrodisiac and wine by Cordelia, and was specifically warned not to use too much, but she threw the whole thing in. She is wracked with guilt.



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