Strange Inheritance

Session 2: Into the Woods


Our session began with the heroes asleep in the inn. Tsora’s dreams were haunted by a reverberating heartbeat, and a series of strange and fragmented imagery: strange symbols carved into a piece of wood, green eyes glowing in a nighttime forest, a dark herb dropped into mulling wine, and tears falling on Sir Vincent’s gravestone.

This dream, and the sleep of the others, was broken by a scream, which echoed out from the Svalich Woods.

Elsewhere and somewhat retroactively, our sixth hero, Alston, set off from his tower to attend Sir Vincent’s funeral. Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong for him that day did go wrong, including a horse with its shoes on backwards and a mysterious unmapped fork in the road. Confronted with uncharted territory, he made camp and slept for the night—until he was awoken by the scream, and the fork in the road was no longer there.

Everyone set out to find the source of the scream, and swiftly they came upon the body of Mori Cheffeur.

The young man had apparently been chased, and he had several abrasions including what appeared to be rope burn around his right ankle. Most conspicuous of all his injuries, however, was a massive gash in his back that seemed to have been afflicted with necrotic rot. The trees in the path of his flight were nocked with the frenzied slashes of a thin-bladed weapon.

Discussion with various townfolk revealed that Sir Vincent was hunting here, whether monsters or “the Stag” to which his love interests made reference. They also concluded that he must have moved his research notes into the Svalich Woods.

They set off into the woods, and after a time they found a secluded copse infested with spiders and wolves. The wolves surrounded them, including a massive red wolf that only Ulrich could see. He lunged at it, and chased it off into the woods.

That left the remainder of the party to square off with the pack, which they did by the skin of their teeth. A large spider that had made its home in a hunting stand up in the canopy descended, but they cleverly distracted it with tasty wolf corpses.

Using her misty step, Senna entered the hunting hut, and discovered Sir Vincent’s research notes, the magical black market logs Sasha stole for him, and a dowsing rod. She descended less-than-gracefully, and the party headed back to town.


Man, I’ve been crazy since Session 2?!?

Session 2: Into the Woods

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